Promote the production of melanin in the skin thus accelerate the results of your tan.


Create a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the skin. This reaction provides an immediate tan.


Force oxygen into the skin which increases blood flow. This process pushs the melanin to the surface of the skin allowing maximum tanning results immediately.  Because of the increased blood flow it leaves the skin with a flushed look and a "tingling/ burning" feeling that should last about 2 hours.


React much like accelerators just more intensely, and work best if a base tan has already been achieved.

Lotions - How do they work?
Over 18

You may not tan more than once in a 24 hour period.

Under 18

Since Mar 2012 you must have a parent sign a release EVERY time you tan.  

The parent does not need to stay while you tan.



Our Skin & the Science Of Tanning

The Tanning process

The skin contains Melanocytes that create melanin as a direct result of UV exposure.  Melanin is your skin's defense against UV radiation, and also gives your skin its color.  Not only does tanning give you an esthetically pleasing look, but it also releases endorphins and promotes the production of vitamin D.


UVA Rays

UVA rays have long wave lengths that penetrate the dermal layer (2nd layer) of the skin, providing a long lasting tan.  UVA rays only tan existing melanin.


UVB Rays

UVB rays have short wave lengths that penetrate the epidermal layer (1st layer) of the skin. UVB rays help promote the production of new melanin.


You never want to burn!  Many people say "I burn the first time then I have a great tan and don't burn again."   There is a fine line between receiving maximum exposure and burning.  You may think the results of a sunburn only last a few days.  The red tenderness may go away but you are left with the  cellular damage for the rest of your life. The effects of damage may not be seen for 15 to 20 years.

Preparing for a Spray Tan
1. Exfoliate your skin the night before your appointment.
2. Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to appointment.
3. Wear loose clothing.
4. Arrive with skin free of lotions, makeup, perfumes or deodorant.
5. Wear dark garments if you plan to be sprayed in them.

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